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Our Roots

The RAID Team was started in 2010, based on a project regarding aggression in the healthcare sector. As more and more hospitals needed to train their staff to deal with aggression, the RAID Team was founded to provide these services.

Our Principles

Our techniques are based on the martial arts "Ju-Jitsu". Often this is referred to as a 'soft' martial arts because it is aimed at being efficient but at the same time, to avoid having to deal a lot of damage to the attacker.  Our lessons are based on this principle. We usually start with how to deal with being grabbed. The techniques are simple and do not require strength.

As the class continues, we address situations that are more threatening: being punched or being strangled. When dealing with these situations in a professional setting at work, we use 'soft' techniques to defend ourselves. When attacked in other settings we usually face an attacker alone and our first and only concern is ourselves. These techniques are not as gentle for the attacker and include elements from Close Combat, Filipino Martial Arts and Krav Maga. 

Our Instructors

Kris Vankriekelsvenne

Kris Vankriekelsvenne Kris is the owner of the RAID Team. He works at the emergency services of the Jessa hospital and is emergency coordinator. He practises different forms of Martial Arts for over 25 years including Ju-Jitsu, Filipino Kyusho and Krav Maga.

David Eevers

David Eevers is instructor for the RAID Team. He works as a traffic controller for the Belgian Railways. David started practising Martial Arts from an early age and is schooled in traditional Ju-Jitsu, he combines these techniques with elements from Close Combat.

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